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Ceramics at DKJA    
Ceramics at DKJA

Our new ceramics program, now in it's third year at DKJA is continuing to challenge and inspire students to be hands on and think in three dimensions. Our studio is complete with state-of-art nonporous tables, an extruder, a slab roller, potter's wheels, lots of colorful glazes and most importantly, beautiful “Hawaiian Red” clay!

All three divisions have access to the ceramics studio, creating three dimensional sculptures and functional forms throughout the year, learning basic techniques of ceramic hand building, including pinch, coil, slab and solid construction. Students 8-12 will also have the opportunity to learn wheel throwing. Projects will deal with the elements and principles of art:  line, shape, form, color, value, texture, space, balance, movement, rhythm, contrast, emphasis, pattern, and unity. Students will learn about the historical significance of ceramics across cultures and study the works of historical and contemporary ceramic artists. Students will also learn the science behind clay, glaze and the firing process.

Working in clay is beneficial to students of all ages, improving fine motor skills, supporting sensory development, personalized learning, self esteem, self expression, and problem solving skills. Clay also has been well documented as having a calming and therapeutic effect on children and adults.


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