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CIJE-Tech students develop wearable heart rate monitor    

Geometry Goes Digital!    

Geometry Students used "Geogebra" to draw angle bisectors and calculate coordinates of incenters, lengths of triangle sides, and measures of angles and half angles. Students learned how to draw a triangle using this tool, use Geogebra tools to create angle bisectors, measure the angle measures, and locate the incenter (intersection). Students used Geogebra, to try to create a triangle and angle bisectors, and to locate the incenter. This task was used in conjunction with their current lesson on special segments in triangles.
High School Science Uses Popplet    
High school science students utilized the website Popplet to make a concept map for Cellular Respiration.  The students were introduced to the site and invited to use their own devices to make the concept map as we made a collaborative one on the smart board and shared our products.  It was educational on two levels as students refined their knowledge of Cellular Respiration and learned the use of the Popplet web site for concept mapping. 
Chemistry Students Use Technology    

AP Chemistry students are enrolled in a program through Carnegie Mellon where they do modules on stoichiometry.

Chemistry students use, through the University of Colorado, a program called "Phet" where the students perform simulations of either labs or chemical concepts.

DKJA Alumnus Excels in Technology    

Alumnus Zachary (Zach) Herbert (Class of 2010), a Boston University student, has, like so many of our graduates,excelled in his educational endeavors.

Zach was recently accepted to the BU College of Engineering's Technology Innovation Scholars Program (TISP). As an Inspiration Ambassador for TISP, he visits elementary, middle, and high schools in the Boston area to give interactive presentations and fun workshops about engineering.

"Our goal is to inspire young students to get interested in math and science and eventually pursue a degree in engineering.So many students excel in math and science, but don't really understand what engineering is and what engineers do. Now, with most job openings in science and engineering sectors, this subject is more relevant than ever," says Zach.

Zach's outreach efforts and commitment to giving back to others makes him a wonderful role model, one of whom we are very proud - Mazel tov, Zach!

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