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DKJA Middle School students in Dr. Rebecca Andre's Technology Challenge class
(sixth and seventh grade) use apps and learn coding to manipulate the blue robot
named Dash.
They also set up various configurations of Cubelets and Little Bits to learn more
about sensors, motion, magnets, circuits and electricity.
DKJA Challenge uses Robotics    Read More
Middle School students enjoying challenging ROBOTICS program. The DKJA Robotics Challenge Course utilizes a new Robot Series from LEGO®Mindstorms Education called the EV3. The course consists of classroom instruction and open-ended, problem-solving activities that make learning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (S.T.E.M.) through real-life robotics engaging and fun for students.
Grade 6 & 7 Compete in E2K National Virtual Science Competition    

 From left, Gr 7 student Haley Mussary consults instructions on a SMARTBoard about how to execute a science question as Kyle Kashuv measures ingredients and Lauren Greenbaum looks on. 
The E2K program is orchestrated by the New York-based Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE), which has partnered with the Israel Center for Excellence in Education to bring the Excellence 2000 (E2K) program to Jewish day schools in the United States.

A statement on the CIJE website reads: "At CIJE, we recognize that in today's global economy, excellence in the fields of math and science are increasingly important — and increasingly rare. To encourage day school and yeshiva students to 'think outside the box' and to embrace math and science, we provide a program of fun research projects, mind-bending math problems and international competitions, puzzles and challenges. With E2K classes, students are encouraged to focus on the process of problem-solving rather than the results." 

For the competition, students look at SMARTBOARDS (digital white boards) connected to computers transmitting information from Israel for the instructions on how to execute the science questions.

"I like how we got to work with the computer," said Kyle Kashuv, a seventh-grader. "We didn't have to go to a different state and we got to do it right in our own library."

The program encourages teachers to facilitate rather than lecture and lets the students work independently. In that way, students build critical thinking skills and become prepared early for learning in university classrooms and adapting in the work world.

Seventh-grade science teacher, said: "We only did a little prep work for the competition. It's a brand-new emphasis on how students think in the moment. It emphasizes out-of-the-box creative thinking."

But, most of all, the students enjoyed the experience immensely.

"It was a lot of fun," said Joshua Koolik, a sixth-grader. "I've never been in a competition before with the whole United States."

Grade 6 Geography Goes Google    
6thgrade students learned how to make videos in Geography using Google Earth. 
They were able to record their movements on Google Earth, go to 3-D buildings, and explore city streets, as well as other urban landscapes.
See what's 'App-ening in Seventh Grade Science    

Seventh grade Science students creatively and innovatively used the PicCollage app on the iPads to represent different scientific concepts while studying Cells.  

PicCollage showing different parts of the cell      and             Steps in the process of cell division.
Eighth Graders Are Blogging Away!    Read More

Eighth-grade students in Judaic Studies class are "blogging away" on the "Torah Journey" site created for their grade. A contraction of the words "web log," a blog is a chronological log of thoughts and ideas that enables students to communicate with each other in a meaningful way online. Students reflect upon and then respond to thought-provoking questions and comment on their classmates' responses. "Blog etiquette" is followed, and conversations are interesting and eye-opening. 

DKJA Challenge - Students Build Their OWN Computers!    
Middle school students in Mr Luetjen's "DKJA Challenge" class are some of the first in the world to have assembled the Kano computer! Our students will become part of the Maker Movement and be assembling, then programming these computers, using Raspberry Pi. This is an exciting time to be a DKJA student! Learn more about the KANO KIT 
Sixth Grade Sharpen Geography with Technology    Read More


Mr. David Trevino's sixth-graders sharpened their Geography skills by researching information on countries using The World FactBook. They typed their findings onto the app tellegami and created a character which explained the information on the SmartBoard. The students found information on a country's population, natural resources, location, climate, and environmental issues. The students look forward to using this app (and others like it) in the future to better their understanding of the world around them.   

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