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Hour of Code at DKJA    
 The Hour of Code is a global celebration of coding in conjunction with Computer Science Education Week; more than 185,000 classrooms coded this year. Coding means computer programming and starts with basic, foundational concepts to build upon through hands-on practice. Each year, the selection of block-based coding games offered at grows, as does student excitement. Anticipating students’ interest and excitement, Dr Andre introduced all kindergarten through fifth grade students to Computer Science that included three weeks of coding during computer time. Every week, they built on new vocabulary and experiences. Students collaborate, gaining communication, perseverance, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills along the way. It is pure joy to encourage students, help them get unstuck and witness their “I got it!” coding moments. At the end of three weeks, our students know more than most adults about Computer Science (even if they cannot yet articulate that fact)!

Basic Concepts
  • Algorithm: a series of steps to accomplish a task
  • Sequence: one step follows another
  • Loop or Looping: Repeating a set of steps or actions
  • Debugging: finding and fixing problems in code

Pictures of All K-5 Students Coding. Enjoy AND Encourage these amazing coders!
Collaboration And Fun In Second Grade    
Second grade students are actively involved in a collaborative activity with another school in Vermont.  They are using a feature in Google called hangout. Hangouts are like real-life conversations. Video conferencing is a powerful way to make connections and expand the reach of the classroom.This classroom used video conferencing in the form of "Mystery Hangout". This activity was done with another school in Vermont, and the object was for each of the classrooms to try and guess the location of the other school. The children loved seeing the students from the other school, as well as, learning great geography skills. Google Hangouts truly opened up the road to global education for Donna Klein Jewish Academy.
Lower School Art Goes Digital    
Lower School art students used MOMA Art Lab, an app from the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.  Students  explored, the museum’s site, on their own.  The children got to explore several art techniques including creating a picture using Shape, Color and Line and moving them around to create their own unique composition.  Each child collaborated with a buddy so it became also an exercise in working together.  On this site there were several activities that students were encouraged to navigate.  One of the favorite activities was working with a mobile to create balance, which reinforced their Meet the Masters’ presentation on Alexander Calder.  
Fifth Graders Bring History To Life    

While studying a unit on Mesopotamia, fifth grade students worked in collaborative groups. Each group wrote a script, which they then filmed, edited, and presented as an i-Movie to the class. They pretended they were Mesopotamian newscasters, writing a news broadcast about their Mesopotamia research. The broadcast included items about canal construction, kings, weather, religion, inventions, gods, priests and farm production. They were required to include all the vocabulary learned in this unit. 

Fifth Graders Current Events Club    

Using News apps on the iPads (example: Learnquist, CNN etc), Fifth grade students were asked to find a newsworthy current event that interested them. They were instructed to read it and then summarize what they learned about the event. They included who or what it was about, where and when it took place, and why it was considered newsworthy. They then turned it into a script and recorded it on an app called Telegami, to present it to the rest of the club members. 

Teligami Gr 5 current events club from Communications on Vimeo.

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Kindergarten Students learn about their Senses    
 Using the iPad app, "Pic Collage",
students demonstrate how they learn about
their SENSE of SMELL
Fifth Grade Integrates iPads in History Lessons    
" ....I love using Nearpod with my students! This technology keeps my students extremely focused on the lesson and totally engaged. It can be used both for introducing new concepts and content and is an excellent tool for both reinforcement and enrichment.  I can generate an assessment right on the lesson and instantly see the results for each individual student. There are many interactive elements that can be incorporated into the presentation and I can include not only assessments but also videos, pictures and text. This is an excellent teaching tool and can be adapted for any subject area..."  Fifth grade Grade-Level-Advisor / History Teacher                              

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