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Science in Lower School    

   This year, the Lower School students at DKJA have the amazing opportunity to conduct their science experiments in a brand new science lab, designated for Kindergarten to fourth grade.

      In addition to the new lab, the students are embarking on a new stem-based curriculum, where they are becoming problem solvers, innovators, inventors, and logical thinkers eager to master STEM subjects now and as they move into Middle School and High School.We are also integrating arts-related skills and activities into Stem courses, which is a very effective way to enhance student interest and achievement.  Hence, adding the “A” and moving from STEM to STEAM becomes our innovative term for success.

     Inquiry is the basis for teaching concepts to the students in this program. Our teachers act as facilitators, questioning and guiding students until a concept is revealed and mastered.Students are encouraged toraise questions about natural world, and to investigate through free exploration and systematic observations.  It is the school’s goal to haveall students be successful in “discovering” science. We also strive to promote positive attitudes toward the discipline and to assist students with the development of scientific reasoning.


Second Annual Family Science Night - 1/27/15    

Family Science Night is a way of bringing families together to learn about science. Unlike science fairs, in which students share their expertise with judges and visitors, everyone involved in a Family Science Night plays a role in scientific discovery. While parents and students explore the world of science by participating in hands-on activities, the Middle School and Rosenblatt High School students gained increased confidence in their ability to do science, as well as their leadership skills in guiding the Lower School students through the world of interactive activities. Thanks to Mrs Holley Stabler and her wonderful team of faculty, parents and students who worked tirelessly to facilitate this remarkable evening, our students and their families enjoyed a wonderful evening of fun and learning at DKJA's Second Annual Family Science Night.

Kindergarten Science    

As a culminating science and technology project,  the students created a Story Kit using the five senses in the cafeteria. Thank you to the 7th graders who helped out each lab team. 

First Grade Science    

 First grade enjoyed learning about solid, liquid and gases, but REALLY enjoyed changing a liquid into a solid and eating ice cream!!!
Morah Radberg performs feats of magic demonstrating the states of matter with dry ice!
Second Grade Science    

Third Grade Science    


Fourth Grade Science    

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