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Visual Arts    
Visual Arts
We live in an advanced technological world. Our children are much more visually literate then we were as children. As they grow, they are surrounded by media images – everything from TV, books, magazines, posters, billboards, computers, smart phones, tablets, games and Apps.
At DKJA we believe that art is a very important part of the overall experience at school. Students’ lives are fast-paced. They attend school, a multitude of extra-curricular activities, and often have working parents who themselves are hurried and tied to a schedule. As a result, children tend to be visually overstimulated. By necessity, they learn how to turn off the “visual noise” around them.
The Arts program at Donna Klein Jewish Academy is an opportunity for us to teach our students how to stop and notice the beauty that exists around them; the simple beauty of a single flower, or an inspiring sunset. This sensibility and training enhances their skill development in art, and improves their overall academic potential. 
 By looking closely at art, children learn how to enjoy it, and how to think creatively. The observation skills they acquire will extend beyond the walls of the classroom, and enable them to notice the world around them through a more creative lens.
Thinking creatively helps them develop skills that will enhance their performance in other classes. Our students develop the ability to think outside the box!

During the course of the school year, you can look forward to seeing many exciting examples of our students’ artwork throughout the hallways of our school and on this site.  

From grades K – 12, the DKJA curriculum values and shows great pride in our student’s artistic accomplishments!

If you are interested in becoming involved as a volunteer in any of our art rooms, as well as Meet the Masters , please do not hesitate to call any of the Arts faculty.

Visual Arts teachers: Mrs. Allie Hasson, Ceramics and LS Art -  Mr. Cory Laub,HS Graphic Design - Mrs. Carol Routman - Middle and LS Art - Mrs. Anita Schwartz -HS Art                               

Please visit our Art Gallery folders on the left to view some of our student work.

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