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Welcome To The Learning Center    
Welcome to The Learning Center (TLC), where we meet the individual needs of our students!
All children learn differently, and under that premise, The Learning Center works proactively to pursue each child’s specific learning needs.  In a warm and nurturing setting, we provide support to students, families, and teachers to address the wide range of academic concerns that children experience.

Our proactive prevention model utilizes a system of high quality data collection.  This includes screenings, diagnostics, and ongoing progress monitoring to determine if students are succeeding.  Any students identified as needing further intervention receive support from their teachers as well as from learning specialists during scheduled classroom inclusion, another one of our services.  The learning specialists work collaboratively with classroom teachers to create goals and provide specific strategy instruction targeted to build any relative weaknesses. Students are then closely monitored to determine achievement and growth.  Likewise, for those students displaying particular strengths, the specialists play an instrumental role in helping to create enrichment opportunities to drive learning. In addition, for students with documented learning needs, we create customized support plans (ISPs) that allow for individualized accommodations in learning and assessment to support student growth.  More intensive support is also available in our Yad B’ Yad program, where our experienced learning specialists provide remediation and curricular support (at an extra cost) to lower and middle school students on an individual basis. 

The Learning Center is here to be your partner and your child’s advocate.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any concerns.  Our goal is to help all students master the skills needed to become successful lifelong learners! 

Debbie Cohen
Director of the Learning Center
Meet the Learning Center Staff    
Debra Cohen, MS.Ed.
Director of Learning Center

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