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Student Testimonials    
"Donna Klein Jewish Academy is responsible for who I am today. DKJA was my second home... It was DKJA that kept me on track. I began my studies at DKJA in the second grade and continued through 12th grade. While I was a student, I had no clue how lucky I was to be there. I took it for granted because I did not know what it was like to be anywhere else. I am now cognizant of how special DKJA really is because I am confident, had it not been for DKJA, I would not be where I am today. 
 I became perhaps the only junior in UCF history to be given a paid position of such authority, with a staff of eight supporting me and a budget of $125,000. During my senior year, after witnessing the tragedy that a family went through after the loss of a child due to drunk driving, I lobbied the school Administration to fund a program to help save lives. A few students carried on my legacy, and the Knight Lynx program is scheduled to debut sometime this semester. Today, I am ranked in the top five percent of my class at the University of  Florida College of Law. 

I recently asked myself how I managed to become the person I am today, and what distinguishes me from my peers. The only logical explanation is that I am equipped with unique skills that enabled me to become an achiever. As a young student, I did not ask for these skills, nor did I actively pursue them. Honestly, it was not my conscious effort to develop my mind or character. It simply was a byproduct of the collaborative efforts of all the people who make up the Donna Klein Jewish Academy Family. 

The DKJA difference is now more apparent than ever before. I received a state-of-the-art education, which was personalized to my needs. Each teacher went the extra mile to ensure I was keeping up with and comprehending the curricula. For any issues I ran into, both in and out of school, there was always someone there to offer an attainable solution. Most importantly, I developed my Jewish identity, which is comprised of respect for our heritage, respect for myself, respect for others, and drive for the future. For this I thank you." 

Seth Green (Class of 2006, High School at DKJA; graduated from the University of Central Florida Summa Cum Laude with a B.S.B.A. in Accounting; reached the third most powerful Student Government position (Director of Campus Life) in a student body that is the second largest in the country; currently a student at the University of Florida College of Law)

Student's Technology Testimonial
"DKJA is a Leader in technology. When I was in First Grade, I learned to use Powerpoint, and from there my knowledge grew to co-producing the award-winning Leadership Day Video. DKJA continues to feed my love for technology. It has taught me many of the skills I use today, and continues it’s involvement in cutting-edge technology."
Joseph Zilonka
Class of 2016 - Rosenblatt High School
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