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Technology in the Classroom    
Since technology and curriculum instruction are interwoven, a team of dedicated teachers - Technology Integrators - is needed to facilitate this interaction.
Holley Stabler, Dean of Technology Integration K-12, together with this innovative team, works tirelessly to utilize these tools in the classroom, while simultaneously coaching and training peer faculty to do the same. 
Children and teens today are immersed in technology, which together with new media, comes as easy as breathing does to this generation. Teachers must be able to teach technology skills, as well as understand ways to use technology to support instructional goals. Concepts like blogging, digital storytelling, STEAM and cloud computing, should be terms all students not only understand, but use in their daily lives. The Technology Integrators empower and encourage the entire faculty to regularly introduce new technologies into the classroom, which not only involves and engages the 21st century student in learning, but also enables teachers to be the most effective facilitators of education.

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  • DKJA is a G SUITE for Education School
  • DKJA is a member of the National Technical Honor Society
  • DKJA website has received the PEJE (Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education) award for "Overall Excellence in Websites."
  • DKJA has received the "People's Choice" award in the Jewish Day School Video Academy Awards Contest
  • DKJA was named the first “National Smart Showcase School” in Florida.
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