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Administrators and Administrative Staff    

 Head of School
 Helena Levine, Head of School  
 Karen Shaffer, Senior Executive Assistant  561-852-3320
 Community Engagement/Development  
 Sharon Kamber, Sr. Director of Community Engagement  561-852-3317
 Scott Ball, Director of Development  561-852-3325
 Cindy Gray, Assistant to the Sr. Director of Community Engagement  561-852-6042
 Judith Chason, Associate Director of Development  561-852-3273
 Nancy Bailin, Development Associate  561-852-5007
 Admissions Office  
 Jodi Orshan, Director of Admissions, Grades K-12  561-852-3310
 Andrea Spandau, Associate Director of Admissions, Grades K-12  561-852-3122
 Communications Department  
 Jane Neubauer Black, Director of Communications  561-558-2122
 Grades K-8  
 Hilary Arenstein, Principal K-8  561-852-3312
 Jill Shoshany, K-8 Judaics,Director& Dean of Faculty Grades 6-8  561-852-3313
 Sammy Chukran-Lontok, Director of Hebrew Studies and Israel Engagement K-12  561-852-5096
 Stephanie Englander, Dean of Faculty Grades K-5  
 Caryn Liszt, Administrative Assistant Grades K-4  561-852-3301
 Helene Bieder, Administrative Assistant Grades 5-8  561-852-3364
 Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School at DKJA  
 Rabbi Marshall Lesack, Principal of Rosenblatt High School  561-852-3309
 Ilana Joseph, Assistant Principal of Rosenblatt High School  561-558-2107
 Silvina Chemerinski, Sr. Administrative Assistant  561-852-2525
 Tammy Dignoti, Administrative Assistant  561-852-3354
 Athletics Dept  
 David Trell, Athletics Director  561-558-2185
 Student Services  
 Sydney Siegel,  Director of Student Services K-12  561-852-3376 
 Debra Cohen, Director of The Learning Center
 Orly Noiman, Guidance - High School  561-558-2535
 Shera Freedman, Learning Specialist High School  
 Michael Eisenstein, Learning Specialist  561-852-3316
 Julie Eden, Learning Specialist  561-852-7106
 Jackie Tureff, Guidance - Grades K-8  
 Pam Howard -  Guidance - Grades K-8  561-852-3322
 Lauren Adler, Learning Specialist Grades K-8  
 Marshall Knox Pierce, HS Learning Specialist  
 School Nurse  
 Cathi Musicant   561-852-3305
 Receptionist  561-852-3301
 Business Office  
 Norma Brown, Chief Financial Officer  561-852-3378
 Donna Albaum, Staff Accountant  561-852-3311
 Dena Ungarten, Staff Accountant  561-852-2119
 Technology Department  
 Janice Odesnik, Manager of Information Systems  561-852-5009
 Doug Mascunana, Network Manager  561-852-5022
 Ezra Seales , Technical Support Associate  561-852-5032
 Dr. Rebecca Andre, Technology Integrator/Instructor  
 Holley Stabler, Dean of Technology Integration K-12  561-852-3363
 Sue Schermer, Operations Manager  561-852-5080
 Julie Baker, Database Manager/Registrar/Website Manager  561-852-6005
 Mailing and Street Address Donna Klein Jewish Academy
9701 Donna Klein Boulevard
Boca Raton, FL 33428-1754
 Telephone:  561-852-3300
 Fax:  561-852-3327
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