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Graduation Requirements    

The Donna Klein Jewish Academy graduation requirements meet or exceed the state of Florida graduation requirements.  One course per year equals 2 semesters.

Course Requirements

  • English  (one course per year) - 8 semesters
  • History / Social Science (one course per year) - 8 semesters
  • Mathematics  (one course per year) - 8 semesters
  • Science  (one course per year) - 8 semesters
  • Hebrew (one course per year) -8 semesters
  • Fine Arts - 2 semesters (beginning with the Class of 2011)
  • Electives - 6 semesters
  • Physical Education - 2 credits
    One year of Physical Fitness = 1/2 credit
    One Sport in one season=1/2 credit

Additional Requirements:

Meet or exceed required community service hours each year.

Students who fail to meet the required community service hours during a given academic year will be required to make up the shortfall prior to graduation.  In order to graduate, a student must have accumulated 225 community service hours by the end of senior year. 

The graduation requirements may be modified for transfer students.


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