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Our Philosophy    

The High School at Donna Klein Jewish Academy celebrates the rich and diverse Jewish communities of South Florida.  As a transdenominational High School, we encourage our students to cultivate their own unique Jewish identities while embracing expressions of Judaism that are different from their own.  We ask students to challenge themselves and each other to explore who they are and where they come from.  We create experiences, such as tefillot (prayers) and Shabbatonim (Shabbat experiences) for the many communities in our midst to come together to support and develop their particular Jewish identities.

By bringing different Jews together to learn, eat, pray, play, and celebrate as a community, we nurture young adults who are open and inclusive, and who respect the dignity of every Jew and human being, whether or not they agree with his/her practices or beliefs.  Our students leave the High School as thoughtful and responsible young Jewish adults, confident in their personal Jewish identities and open to and knowledgeable about the diverse family of Jews and human beings in their world. 

The High School at Donna Klein Jewish Academy has begun to create a new type of Jewish interchange, one that can shape this next generation of Jews to understand their own form of Jewish commitment in the context of the broader community in which they live.

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