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Ideal Student Profile    

A graduating senior of the High School at Donna Klein Jewish Academy is a knowledgeable and responsible citizen of the world, committed to Jewish values and lifelong learning.

Identity and Character
The ideal graduating senior at DKJA . . .
• Strongly identifies as a member of the Jewish people, as an American and as a responsible citizen of the world.
• Has cultivated a depth of character; developed empathy, imagination, and moral courage; acts ethically, displays integrity, and has a sense of humility.
• Has a connection to the State of Israel based on knowledge and experience.
• Assumes responsibility for his or her own actions.
• Explores both intellectually and emotionally his or her relationship to spirituality, G-d, and Jewish religious practices.
• Understands that Jewish identity is found in many kinds of religious, cultural, and/or behavioral expressions.
• Is actively engaged in tzedakah (charity) and tikkun olam (making the world a better place) and has taken advantage of opportunities to translate these timeless values into socially significant action.
• Values the diversity of the larger community and respects and appreciates differences.
• Has developed a capacity for leadership.
• Exhibits healthy and constructive decision making in his or her own life and in his or her personal relationships.

Academics and Intellect
The ideal graduating senior at DKJA . . .
• Has developed intellectual integrity and curiosity, creativity and imagination, independence of thought, and a lifelong love of learning.
• Fulfills his or her own intellectual, artistic, social, and physical potential.
• Has acquired the knowledge and skills, consistent work ethic, confidence, maturity, and independence necessary to succeed in a challenging collegiate environment.
• Thinks critically and reflects thoughtfully. Makes academic and intellectual connections and perceives the world as multidimensional.
• Is passionate about his or her interests; deeply and personally involved in his or her work; feels not only accountable but engaged.
• Has developed an integrated sense of self, with deep appreciation of how the Torah is central to modern life.
• Combines intellectual and moral development so that choices are guided by the mind and the heart.
• Takes academic risks and accepts challenges.
• Communicates effectively and responsibly.
• Demonstrates an awareness and concern for global issues.
• Exhibits fluency in the use of Hebrew, the language of the Jewish people.
• Appreciates the value of education in general

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