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Flowing from our school’s mission statement, the Judaic Studies curriculum promotes excellence in Jewish learning and leadership. Within an environment of open inquiry, intellectual rigor, personal engagement and spiritual creativity, we empower and inspire individuals to contribute their voices and vision to the Jewish community and to bring Jewish values to bear on the critical issues of our time.

Our Middle School Judaic Studies curriculum integrates study of the rich textual, core knowledge, tradition and long history of the Jewish people. Our students encounter the tapestry and complexities of Judaism through an analysis of the primary texts of our tradition.  The focus of the curriculum is on teaching meaningful and relevant topics and themes in Judaism with practical moral or philosophical lessons via rigorous text study.


We encourage students to think about what being Jewish means to them. How do they think about Jewish observance and culture? Where do they see themselves in relation to a community? Through rituals and traditions, through conversations and discussions, presentations and prayer or reflections, students take on the challenge of defining for themselves what and how they will carry Jewish values with them as adults.  We encourage and empower our students to see themselves as active participants in the unfolding story of the Jewish people. We embrace field trips, music, literature and the visual and performing arts as sources of inspiration and as vital modes of Jewish discovery and expression.


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