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Welcome to our Middle School    

DKJA’s dual curriculum integrates a comprehensive Judaic studies program with a rigorous general studies program. The goal of the dual curriculum is based on our mission to educate students to be knowledgeable and responsible citizens of the world, committed to Jewish values and lifelong learning. Through the integration of curricula as well as the emphasis on tefilah and other rituals, our Middle School will continue to help shape our students as whole learners. Cultivating an understanding of tikkun olam (healing the world) and a responsibility of giving back to others (community service) are integral components of our Middle School programming that afford our students the opportunity to understand their Jewish identity and heritage.

Our students are engaged in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math), preparing them with the necessary skills to not only succeed in, but lead in the 21st century world.  Students in the Middle School have the opportunity to participate in athletic teams as well as in various programs in the arts, such as the annual drama production, the orchestra, or the Middle School Band.  As a Leader in Me School, DKJA encourages students to find the “leader within” by participating in the Student Government Association (SGA), National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), or individually created leadership opportunities of interest to the student.

The faculty and staff of DKJA is comprised of a highly educated, motivated, and dedicated team committed to meeting the individual needs of our students, cultivating their fullest academic and emotional growth within a nurturing environment. Our exceptional team facilitates learning through a multimodal approach, including hands-on experiential and group processes, allowing for the development of various learning styles and interpersonal skill building. Working diligently, each faculty member establishes a classroom forum that promotes active participation by all learners, which encourages meaningful dialogue between students and implements sound pedagogical principles to ensure that the students' cognitive needs are met. As monitoring progress is essential to measuring growth and meeting student learning needs, the emphasis is not on rote learning in preparation for tests. Instead, through data collection and interpretation, teachers can better assist students to recognize their strengths and enhance areas of academic need.

Middle School can be as much of a time of change for parents as it is for students. We recognize that education cannot happen in isolation. Thus, our faculty and administration is committed to working with parents to ensure that students understand the importance of practicing ethical behavior and the value of becoming productive members of society.


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