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Judaic Studies Highlights    

Hebrew Language – Modern Hebrew is taught as a living language beginning in Kindergarten.  Students learn to be conversational, thinking in Hebrew, not merely translating, acquiring a love of Hebrew literature and poetry.  The teaching of Hebrew language is based on the study of the brain-based learning principles.  The immersion approach is used in all the grades.

Daily Prayer – Every day at DKJA begins with tefilah, adding a rich sense of spirituality to the school community.

Jewish Values – When studying the Torah, students analyze the text, discuss the morals, and are guided to apply these lessons to their own lives.

Derech Eretz
– The translation of this phrase is common courtesy, and at DKJA we celebrate it.  Students nominate their peers as the Derech Eretz Student of the Month based on observing classmates who perform exceptional acts of kindness.  This program supports the lessons we teach from the Torah.

Tzedakah – In accordance with Jewish tradition, we emphasize helping those who are less fortunate. Students in all grades support selected not-for-profit organizations with their time and resources.

Holiday Experiences – We bring the Jewish holidays to life for our students by studying the history, customs, and rituals, and then celebrating them.

Shabbat Ruach – Parents in the Lower School look forward to each grade level’s Shabbat Ruach celebration, a Shabbat learning experience where students and parents enjoy a delicious meal as well as the spirit and rituals of Shabbat.

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