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Judaic Studies Curriculum    

At DKJA, we teach students to go beyond the “when” and “how” of Jewish history and pursue the “why.”  Students experience Jewish life on a daily basis, allowing them to forge a personal connection with Judaism.  At DKJA, Judaic studies is viewed as part of a child’s whole learning experience.  By integrating Judaic studies with general studies, we offer a worldview of Judaism in which students gain a sense of empowerment, secure in their Jewish heritage.

Judaic studies focuses on the Bible, Jewish holidays, and traditions brought to life for our students through experiential activities.  Through a multifaceted approach, students acquire a heightened awareness of Jewish heritage, traditions, culture, ethics, and values. As a result, the practices of Judaism become a relevant and natural part of their daily lives.

Through the study of Tanach (Bible), students are exposed to the sacred texts of our tradition.  The formal study of Chumash begins in second grade when the students become acquainted with the major historical figures of the Torah.  The Biblical text is analyzed in ways that are relevant to their lives through the teaching of the simple (p’shat) literal understanding of the text as written and the interpretive understanding of the text (d'rash).

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