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General Studies Overview    

DKJA has introduced the new program called Reading Wonders, which is a blended program combining the most cutting edge research with the newest technology tools to meet the challenges of the 21stcentury learner. It is a highly accelerated and rigorous program. Within the program students are differentiated into groups to develop specific skills individualized for each student. 

Children are:

 ·       Building a strong reading foundation

·       Accessing complex text

·       Finding and using text evidence

·       Engaging in collaborative conversations

·       Writing to sources

Each week, students engage in short reads to teach/model close reading with collaborative practice of key comprehension skills.  There is a 50% split between informational and literary text. Within this split are a plethora of text types so students are exposed to many different kinds of text features that they can compare and contrast.

Students build their strong reading foundation from sound spelling songs, phonics games, word sort activities, word study games and phonics and spelling practice. 

Students access complex text by understanding what makes the text complex.  Text complexity has to do with purpose, specific vocabulary, sentence structure and connection of ideas.

Students write about reading in which they develop analytical writing skills.  Students learn to write to sources and research.  Students write about reading every week with every text. 

We are developing mastery of grammar and language conventions. This also includes trait instruction to ensure successful writing.  This includes daily writing practice and grammar integration.

In Mathematics we are continuing with Everyday Math but we have introduced the blended learning of E-suites which is an online component that enhances their learning opportunities and problem solving capabilities.

CLICK HERE to read the overarching goals, essential questions, and the focus of DKJA’s role in the shaping of the 21stcentury learner. 

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