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Message from Head of School Helena Levine    
As I enter into a new leadership role as Head of School, I am infused with a deep and abiding passion and love for DKJA’s multi-faceted Jewish community, coupled with a clear sense of purpose and commitment. I have personally watched our school, and our community, evolve and grow to shine as an exemplary model for Jewish communities internationally.
During my ten years at DKJA, I have had the privilege of experiencing a broad range of roles: a parent (of a sixth, eighth and tenth-grader), guidance counselor, and most recently, Principal of Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt  High School. I am proud to serve in an institution that graduates the Jewish leaders of tomorrow. DKJA prepares students for acceptance at a wide range of post-secondary schools including Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, New York University and the University of Florida, to name just a few. Our students’ contributions do not end when they leave DKJA. They continue to make an impact locally, nationally and internationally. They are OUR future...
Truly understanding and knowing DKJA’s parents, students, faculty, administration, board and local community leaders will undoubtedly enable me to successfully lead our school to even greater heights, continuing to build upon the incredible foundation already in place.
My extensive career includes a broad range of pedagogical experience that encompasses teaching AP-level courses in psychology, special needs education and Lower and Middle School classes. I believe that my educational knowledge, along with my extensive mental health, social work and leadership experience, has helped me to bring something very unique into my newest role.
I take pride in utilizing a leadership model based on the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Research attests to the success of this model – known as distributive leadership — and I am a proponent of this collaborative philosophy.
I feel prepared and energized to once again embrace a new challenge and opportunity. May we go from strength to strength.
Helena Levine
Head of School

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