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Friends of the Arts    
Welcoming New Members
Friends of the Arts
A volunteer committee that includes members from our parent, grandparent, and local community, supporting and promoting the arts at DKJA.  This committee facilitates  arts programs beyond the school's curriculum and provides funds for all arts programming within the curriculum.

We believe that the arts are a significant part of academic life. Educating children through exposure to the arts can help them to achieve higher academic goals.
FOA will encourage the continued further development and growth of a nationally recognized Fine and Performing Arts program. the committee is to help enrich our students' lives through music, art, theater and dance.

Please join us and think about becoming a "Friend" by volunteering for a committee position or working on a single event. Contact Judith Chason, Associate Director of Development.. or call (561) 852-3273.

Support the Arts    

    Drama Department  - Willy Wonka                     Myra Burg, "Artist in Residence"              String Quartet

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