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Middle School Art    

Middle School Art Curriculum

 Mrs. Carol Routman, Middle School Art Curriculum Coordinator - Middle School Art Teacher
When children learn how to look at art, and enjoy creating pieces of art, they learn how to think creatively. The observational skills and eye-hand coordination they acquire will extend beyond the walls of the classroom. Art activities and appreciation within the DKJA Middle School art curriculum will open the door to a lifetime of new skills and adventures in learning, and the ability to appreciate art.

Our students will learn to see art not just as a subject area, but as the thread which ties all the various pieces of our enriched curriculum together. The children will slip back through time and into different cultures as we study art through a historical perspective. They will learn to see that artists are products of certain places and times, and that the artwork reflects that as well.

The main goal is for students to derive pleasure from this experience so that they will have positive feelings about the world of art. We want them to have fun and look forward to each class session.

Art is a thread that ties the entire DKJA Curriculum together.

When God created the first man, He took him around to all the trees in the garden of Eden and said to him, “See my handiwork, how beautiful and choice they are…be careful not to ruin and destroy my world, there is no one to repair it after you.” — Midrash Rabba Ecclesiastes 7:13, s.v. Re-eh

Another way to live Torah is to recycle!

Please send all these items to the art rooms on the day that your child has art. We will reuse them in our art program!

·Jewish New Year cards and calendars Please save these from Rosh Hashanah

·Egg cartons

·Medical supply style rubber gloves

·Wide packaging tape

·Styrofoam trays

·Paper towel rolls

·White sheets

· Thin (cutable) fabrics

·Trimmings such as: buttons, sequins, rickrack, wool, gem stones, beads, old costume jewelry, large spools, ribbons, bows

·Baby food jars, small plastic jars (yogurt)

·Coffee cans

·Old shirts for smocks

·Architectural Digest, National Geographic and Fashion Magazines

·Art Gallery Catalogs, old art books

·Light weight wire hangers, without cardboard tube

·Coffee Mate Curvy Bottles

·Scrap-booking supplies

We greatly appreciate your help.

Todah Rabbah!

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