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Lower School Art

Teachers: Allie Hasson and Carol Routman 


The mission in Lower School is to set the foundation for a life of creativity and developing an appreciation and love of art. Art class is a place for your children to express themselves and let their imaginations flow. The projects are planned with the intention that the student will have an enjoyable time while learning and experiencing a multitude of art techniques and valuable skills. They explore a wide variety of materials, artistic terminology, and are introduced to artists, cultures and styles that ultimately enhance their creative journey.


Socialization and life skills are also developed while working on their projects. Students learn how to synergize by working together with their peers, sharing and respecting the supplies and cooperating with one another.


Each project is approached as a step-by-step process so students will be successful no matter what level they are at artistically.  All children have creative talent when given the opportunity to express it.  Each year, new skills are developed and artistic knowledge and confidence grows.  We take tremendous pride in our students’ artwork at Donna Klein Jewish Academy and use every opportunity to display their creations. 

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