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Great things are happening in the Arts K-12 at DKJA!    


Great things are happening in the Arts K-12 at DKJA!
Teachers:  Zoraida Adams, Gus Correa, Allie Hasson, Cory Laub,  Liat Luel, Carol Routman and Anita Schwartz.

The Visual Arts and Performing Arts at Donna Klein Jewish Academy provides students with art history, studio art, graphic design, ceramics, music, drama and a visual art education in all three divisions with an environment that fosters excellence in teaching, exploration, creative work, research, and a department-wide focus on student-centered learning.

Students are provided with a range of creative experiences in and beyond the classroom. These activities:

  • Provide a solid foundation in the skilled use of materials, instruments, tools and techniques associated with a wide range of artistic and classroom practices.
  • Promote interest in and knowledge of key issues and processes relating to contemporary and historical art and music.
  • Engender comprehension of visual, theatrical and musical language as a means of communication.
  • Foster an understanding of the larger role that the Arts play in society.
  • Enable students to explore issues of diversity, especially in terms of the arts world and its cultural influences.
  • Promote the arts as a central part of education and an integral part of Jewish education.
  • Introduce students to skill development in theater, instrumental, vocal music, musical production and dance.
  • Empower our students to develop the ability and confidence to express themselves as artists and performers.
Lower school:
Visual Art:
    • Gallery (By Grade)
    • Meet The Masters
    • Ceramics
    • General music:
  •       Instrumental: Orff, Recorders
  •       Performances: Kindergarten play, Sidur, Chumash, Torah play 
  •     Choir


Middle school:
Visual Art:
  • Gallery (By Grade)
  • Meet The Masters
  • Ceramics

  • General drama
  • School play / musical
  • General music:
  • Instrumental (keyboards)
  • Music and technology - iPad and smart board (interactive music)
  • Vocal / performance: Jerusalem Day, Israel For Real, Israel Memorial Day, Holocaust Remembrance Day

  • Orchestra
  • Glee club
  • Dance team (MS and HS)

High School:
Visual Art:
Visual Concepts
Studio Art (elective)
AP ART I & II, Drawing, 2D and 3D Design
Art Honors I & 2
Graphic Design
Art Honors Society
Gesher Br'eshit: Genesis Boardwalk  Art Installion
K through 7- Hand building
8 through 12 - Hand building and wheel

  • General Drama and/or Drama elective:
  • School play / musical
  • Elective: Evening of One Acts
  • Thespian Society

  • Band
  • Dance HS

Art Tefillah (High School grades 9-12)
Art Integration in Judaic Studies (K-12)

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