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Art Tefillah Comes To RHS!    

Now in our second year! Students can make the choice to attend Art Tefillah! 

This is a wonderful option for students who want to express themselves creatively through painting and drawing while learning and studying tefillah. Under the direction of high school art teacher Anita Schwartz and Jewish Studies teacher  Eilat Asseo, students explore different parts of the tefillah and then communicate their thoughts about it through art. 

In this picture students are holding up their works in progress that show their ideas about the Sh’ma.

Sydney Altschul shared “Sh’ma means that we are all one. We are first and foremost humans. In our world today, we are so segregated based on race and religion. With the lights off, we are all the same.”

Hadassah Richman said that her artwork is inspired by the first line of the Sh’ma. The “1” represents that God is one and the Israeli flag represents the Jewish people. The arrows show how the Jewish people unite through Israel. The words of the Sh’ma are written around the number one.

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