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Graphic Design    
​Mr. Cory Laub, High School Graphic Design Teacher

In this course students will learn the basics of digital graphic design, primarily using the Adobe

Photoshop and Illustrator computer programs.  They will practice the fundamentals of layout and design through several step-by-step computer graphics projects.  Ultimately, students will create, from start to finish, a digital advertising campaign for a product of their choice.  They will earn an art credit while working under the oversight of Mr. Laub, who will guide them through the process and provide professional assistance and editorial feedback.  Each project will be evaluated in several steps throughout the year.

Objective:  Students will earn the skills of a first-year college graphic design student, in preparation for a possible career in graphic arts.  They will become skilled in the Adobe Creative Suite, primarily Photoshop and Illustrator; Instruction will include skills in photography, typography, and the creation of art completely on the computer; the more skilled students may be encouraged to pursue official certification in Adobe Photoshop.


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