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About the Rosenblatt High School Elective    

The Drama Production course is a one semester elective which focuses on acting technique, performance, and production. Each year the elective culminates with the “DKJA Actors Workshop” performance. Other than acting, students will also be required to be part of the production staff. The plays put on in the performance are be determined during the first week of class. Grades are based on production skills, rehearsals and performance. 

Drama and Technology    

The high school drama elective students are using iPad technology to rehearse for their Actor's Workshop presentation of 10 minute plays, performance date to be announced, using the iPad app Rehearsal 2.  Their scripts were easily uploaded to their drama class iPads.  This app helps the students with script management, rehearsing and learning their lines.  It let's them add beat marks to their scripts to divide longer passages into manageable beats.  They highlight their lines; record your lines; blackout mode for their lines in the script when memorizing their lines; and they can make notes in the margins.

The students can also video their rehearsal and then play it back to see what areas they need to work on.

2015-2016 Actors Workshop    
2014-2015 Actors Workshop Slideshow    
2013-2014 DKJA Actors Workshop Pictures    
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