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Welcome to Student Services    
Meeting the social, emotional, and academic needs of all of our students is critically important to their overall success. While academic excellence is of the utmost importance, focusing on the whole child to make sure they are ready for optimal learning is key.

In my role, I will be working closely with my fellow administrators and members of my department, which includes Debbie Cohen, Director of the Learning Center, the guidance staff, learning specialists and teachers on every grade level. Together, we will ensure that children’s individual needs—whether for additional academic assistance, enrichment, or social-emotional support—be met.

Many of us are familiar with the quote, "It takes a village to raise a child.” I have learned over the years as a parent, social worker, and educator that this statement indeed holds true. As you know, we believe that the school and parents are in a partnership to educate your children, scholastically and morally. It is vitally important that as a school we work collaboratively toward this end. I look forward to our continued partnership in educating your children in all facets of life.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at  (561) 852--3376 if I can be of any assistance.
Warm regards,

Sydney Siegel, LCSW
Director of Student Services K–12
Guidance Department Staff    
Sydney Siegel, LCSW
Director of Student Services K-12
Orly Noiman, MSW
High School Guidance Counselor
Julia Gridley, LCSW
K-8 Guidance Counselor
Jackie Tureff, LCSW
Guidance Counselor
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