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Plugged In! Digital Learning Day 2012    
In February 2012, DKJA students participated in the first National “Digital Learning Day” and were “plugged in" to interactive learning.

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 to view a montage of this exciting day.
True Technology Integration    
Fifth Grade Science Class Studies Plate Techtronics
View a student-created "Claymation" animated video.
Mrs Stabler's fifth grade science students studied "Plate Techtronics" all over the world. Each group was assigned a different area where earth movements occur, which they researched and then built clay models to demonstrate the earth's motion and its effects. They then used an iPad application to photograph the various stages of their models showing the earth's movement and voice record an explanation of each stage of the process, which resulted in a"Claymation" animated video-- a true demonstration of technology integration in the classroom.
Fifth Graders Use Technology Indoors And Outdoors!    
Mrs Stabler's fifth-grade students are very excited to be involved with the planting of the DKJA garden. They have prepared the pots and also have planted the seeds for various vegetables in the garden, however, it doesn't stop there. The students are now preparing QR codes, or quick response codes, to be placed by each different vegetable. QR codes, in a sense, are square, black and white bar codes that can be scanned with a mobile device. The code will include all of the information that the students determine to be important about a specific vegetable. As visitors walk through the garden, they can scan the QR codes with their mobile devices and find out this valuable information
Science brought to life via Animation    

Mrs Stabler’s fifth grade Science class was assigned a research project based on a science-related current event. Students were required to present their findings as an animation. They were given a few select options of Internet resources to choose from, but from that point on, their only limitation was their own creativity.  “I have been doing science current event reports for eight years, but this is the first time using this animation piece.  Also, this was the first time I received six reports within three days after giving the assignment, even though the deadline was three weeks away.  Technology allowed the students to manipulate the information they found in their articles, creating an extension of their learning, while keeping them motivated and engaged.”…… Mrs Stabler, Gr 5 Science teacher.  Click here to view one student's report, created using a web 2.0 tool called XTRANORMAL


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