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College Counseling Program    

The College Counseling Department at Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School is a springboard to our students’ future. Our mission is to work with each individual student and family to inform, educate and advise throughout the college search and application process.

We are committed to facilitating the successful and appropriate transition for every student from Rosenblatt High School to post-secondary educational opportunities. Each student is encouraged to explore his or her own talents, strengths and interests while considering the many possible educational opportunities available immediately following graduation. These opportunities include: direct entrance to college or university, a gap year program (such as a year in Israel), service or volunteer experiences, other travel or work. Rosenblatt High School makes every effort to meet the unique needs of every student.

We firmly believe that there are no best colleges, rather that there are colleges that best meet the needs of individual students. The attention that each student receives from the college counselor begins with ninth grade and continues all the way through graduation, and beyond. This ongoing relationship enables students to identify their needs, talents and goals, and to find programs and colleges that truly fit each individual. We work with students and families to address the five critical elements of the college search: Academics, Geography/Location, Jewish Life, Personal Needs and Finances/Cost.

The college application process is a partnership among the student, the parents and Rosenblatt High School. Therefore, open communication and cooperation between all partners is essential. The college counseling program of DKJA will help students and families to transform the challenge of applying to college into an exciting opportunity for success.

Four Year Program

Our College Counseling Program is a four-year student-focused partnership. We strive to help students plot their individual academic course in order to achieve their collegiate goals.

  • Beginning in ninth grade, students participate in Mentor Groups, which provide students with the skills and resources needed for success in High School, and ultimately in the college application process.
  • We work with tenth grade students on issues that include standardized testing and selecting appropriate elective courses for the remainder of high school.
  • The formal college search and application process begins in earnest for eleventh graders, when we collaborate to identify each person’s distinctive potential and traits and the appropriate range of colleges. In early eleventh grade we support students as they begin to draft their essays and plan visits to various colleges in order to help refine their college list.
  • At the start of twelfth grade, seniors will work on their applications, revise their essays, work with selected teachers on the recommendation letter process, and continue to visit their top-choice colleges. We work with each senior to compile and submit each application and related documents.

In view of the partnership among the student, the parents, and Rosenblatt High School, the college counselor is readily accessible to address any questions from students and parents. In addition to family meetings, parents will have the opportunity to participate in a four-year, parent-centered program in the form of annual grade-specific college guidance workshops.

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